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Look At Me Now:

The Collected Works of Sarah Burgess

by Sarah Burgess

5 x 8, 128pgs

perfect bound


June 2019

a collected works which includes full titles of Voice, Phlebotomized Heart, The Mule and The Bitch and Prospectives.


Nafée Faïgou


1st English edition, April 2018

Devon Balwit

Where You Were Going Never Was

1st edition, January 2018

mercedes killeen


2nd edition, April 2018

Nafée Faïgou


1st French edition,  November 2017

Matt Borczon

Sleepless Nights and Ghost Soldiers

1st edition, August 2017

Book Bundles


The Facer Street Collection

4 books, includes:

(1) A Walk Down Facer Street: 1870-1939

(1) Facer Street Poems

(1) Bella Double Edition

(1) Bella and the Facer Street Gang

History, Poetry and Graphic Novels

$80.00 reg