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Grey Borders Magazine Bundle



includes one copy each of Grey Borders Magazine April 2017, June 2017 and September 2017.

contains work by: Helen Tran (poetry),Will Macmillian Jones (poetry), Marianne McKenzie (poetry), Amber Tran (poetry), Lynn White (poetry), John Grey (poetry), Paul Douglas McNeil II (fiction), Matt Rydeen (non-fiction), Mori McCrae (poetry), JJ Steinfeld (poetry), CLS Ferguson (poetry), John Travers (fiction), Vivian Wagner (poetry), Catharine Graham (poetry), Sergio Ortiz (poetry), Keith Inman (poetry), mercedes killeen (poetry)




Surprise Bundle

$29.00min. value


Surprise Bundle includes:

Two (2) perfect-bound Books

& Three (3) Chapbooks






Books of 2017 Bundle



Includes one (1) copy  of each publication by Grey Borders Books 2017 (5 perfect-bound books and 10 chapbooks in total):

New & Used by James Millhaven, ABC Vegetables English/French Reversible by Michelle Marcotte, Dust & Chrsyanthemums by Kenneth Pobo, Bulletproof by Wolfgang Carstens, Bella and the Facer Street Gang by Terri Favro, illustrations by Ron Edding, Acceleration of the Arbitary  by Sacha Archer, Artefacts by Jade Alyssa Wallace, soul's longing by Taylor Peebles, Inanna (a Tale of Sumer) by David Hobberlin, Reflections of the Republic by David Hobberlin, Going to Work on a Snowing Monring by David Hobberlin, On Growing Old by Maia Kachan, Sleepless Nights and Ghost Soldiers by Matt Borczon, In Front of the Elements by Devon Balwit, Shelf Life by Mori McCrae