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Wolfgang Carstens


Wolfgang Carstens lives in Canada with his wife, five kids, grandson, dog, mortgage, and death. His poetry is printed on the backs of unpaid bills. More information at


Praise for Bulletproof:

“In BULLETPROOF Wolfgang Carstens uses terse language of an exactitude unsparing inessentials to make a defiantly unsentimental last stand. Like a Daniel Boone of poetry, stoic yet capable of deep emotion, Carstens acknowledges brute existence, but does not give in to it, exults even, in his (and our) continuance, and with mordant wit, skewers vicissitude.”
—Wayne F. Burke, Dickhead

“My work is with suicide, helping people stick around long enough to learn skills so they get to experience life worth living. I help people through intense pain, and the work catches up with me. The work from the weekend before I read BULLETPROOF meant I later cried, and that was ok. Then I read Wolfgang Carsten's words and laughed A LOT. And THAT was really ok. I meet a lot of poets through my podcast, Talk With ME. Wolfgang is one who truly hits the spot. I love the BULLETPROOF poems.”
— Marcia Epstein, LMSW