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James Millhaven

James Millhaven spends his time in Downtown St. Catharines. His chapbook, Thirty, was published for the Niagara Literary Arts Festival 2015, with finicially assistance from SCCIP. He has two previous chapbooks, Edges and As Well, published by Grey Borders Books. Untitled #33 was a one act play by James, workshopped and performed by Edwin Conroy Jr., Graham Shaw and Heather Lowe as part of the In The Soil Festival 2015. A selected edition of James' work, New & Used, was published for the In the Soil Festival 2017 by Grey Borders Books.



about New & Used

Spanning the entire body of James Millhaven’s work, New & Used is a selection of poems from each of Millhaven’s chapbooks Edges (2010), As Well (2014) and Thirty (2015). The poems were selected by the author and represent the best of his work. Included with this collection of previously published works are twelve new poems showcasing the evolution of the poet, and the depth of his poetic sight. Millhaven’s work captures the tone and texture of life in city of St. Catharines, Ontario while pointing out the fragile layers of existence, the broken images, tossed aside coffee cups.



from New & Used

There should be something poetic

about finding a dead sparrow in the evening

while blocked for ideas and trying to write.

There should be a metaphor in this:

something about fragility or decay,

or how winter becoming spring

does not necessarily mean a rebirth.

But not everything is a symbol

just because it’s lying there in front of you.

Sometimes it’s just a bird you can’t bury

because you don’t own a shovel.


Previously published by Grey Borders Books:

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