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James Millhaven

James Millhaven spends his time in Downtown St. Catharines. His chapbook, Thirty, was published for the Niagara Literary Arts Festival 2015, with finicially assistance from SCCIP. He has two previous chapbooks, Edges and As Well, published by Grey Borders Books. Untitled #33 was a one act play by James, workshopped and performed by Edwin Conroy Jr., Graham Shaw and Heather Lowe as part of the In The Soil Festival 2015. A selected edition of James' work, New & Used, was published for the In the Soil Festival 2017 by Grey Borders Books.

Previously published by Grey Borders Books:

Edges (2010)

As Well (2014)

Thirty (2015)

"New & Used"

by James Millhaven

1st edition, 2017

perfect bound