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TAK Erzinger


TAK Erzinger is an American/Swiss poet and artist with a Latino background. She originates from Florida however spent a great deal of her childhood in Kentucky. She is also an English teacher who earned a BA in English from Boston University and her teaching certification from the University of Cambridge (England). She is currently studying creative writing at The Writer’s Bureau.

Her poetry has been published by The Curlew, The Cirrus Poetry Review, The Beautiful Space Journal, The Mojave He[art] Review, The Origami Poems Project and The Rising Phoenix Review and many more. Last year TAK began a walking pilgrimage on the St. Jacob’s Way through Switzerland.

She lives in a Swiss valley with her husband and two cats.


Found: Between the Trees  (Grey Borders Books, 2019) is a chronicle about a life interrupted by mental illness. Its poems are a reflection of how love, nature and hiking nurtured and fostered an injured soul suffering from acute-childhood trauma and PTSD, leading to a path of redemption. This collection takes the reader on a journey of love, loss, forgiveness and healing.


from Found: Between the Trees (2019)


We swallowed up the summers whole
like the pelicans, with their fish,
queuing on the pier.

Waves crashed against spindly legs
of oak and my father’s reel raced
down into Black Beard’s bed

and the reel whistled with a certain
admiration, flirting with the tide.
The salt air licked at our faces

curing and preserving those moments
washed up through the cracks in
our weathered memories.

We are now flooded,

divided by the Atlantic
and landlocked by circumstance.
We’ve forgotten how to swim.