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Sarah Burgess was born in November ’86 and has lived in St. Catharines all her life. At the age of 13, the back tire on her bike was hit by an oncoming train, leaving her with severe brain damage, the inability to vocally communicate, spasticity, and numerous other difficulties. Despite there challenges, she has the courage of a lion, and the heart of a saint. Sarah has three previously published chapbooks “Voice” (Grey Borders Books, 2012), “When Will My Reflection Show Who I Am Inside?” (Young Artists of Niagara Falls, 2014), “Phlebotomized Heart” (Grey Borders Books, 2015) and The Mule and the Bitch (Grey Borders Books, 2016).

Previously published by Grey Borders Books:

Voice (2012)

Phlebotomized Heart (2015)

The Mule and The Bitch (2016)


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Look At Me Now:

The Collected Works of Sarah Burgess

by Sarah Burgess

5 x 8, 128pgs

perfect bound


June 2019

a collected works which includes full titles of Voice, Phlebotomized Heart, The Mule and The Bitch and Prospectives.


limited time only


(Canada orders only)