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Alia Wall


Alia Wall is an award winning poet whose work can be found in The Banister and Gravitas. She is one of the 2014/15 recipients of the Anna Pidruchney Award for Young Writers, the 2018 winner of the Spring Pulse Poetry Contest and her personal essays have been published online at The Huffington Post and The Purple Fig.


from Gilded Domestic Cage (2019)

Acer Rubrum

our dinner table, one hundred and
eight inches or two hundred seventy four centimeters
nine feet
separate us
every night
simpler to measure this distance
than say nine years or fifteen or nineteen
picking the wrong wood together, we agreed wormy
maple was the way to go, symbolic perhaps
that beetles had bored through, leaving
holes, larvae, fungus behind, creating tunnels
cradles and galleries, these gorgeous
grey and black streaks I stained, sanded
stained and sanded
against the grain, across the grain
anyway along the grain to draw out everything missing
this love labour lasting
and while the beetles may be gone
this table bears the scars