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Tosin Ajogbeje

Tosin Ajogbeje is a public relations expert and award-winning spoken word artist who enjoys contributing to community ventures, creating spoken word video content, and blogging about pertinent societal issues. She holds a Master of Public Administration from Dalhousie University, a BA in Finance & Economics from Algoma University, and a Graduate Certificate in Public Relations from Niagara College. Tosin's academic experience and engagement with societal issues solidified her career decision to further explore complex topical issues and incorporate these into her writing. When she is not slamming at poetry events, she joins friends in a game of soccer, cools off at the gym and volunteers wherever she can.
Tosin has received rave reviews for her spoken word poetry work in the St. Catharines Standard newspaper and Dalhousie University’s alumni online platform. She was recently awarded an Honorable Mention for Outstanding International Entry for the ideal female by a leading spoken word publisher—Button Poetry. Although, this is her first poetry book, she hopes to continue to highlight social justice topics, self-help proficiencies and contemporary societal norms while using narrative, rhythmic and lyrical language in her spoken word poetry. To stay tuned to Tosin’s upcoming spoken word projects and new books or anthologies, please visit her website at