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Mohamad Kebbewar


Mohamad Kebbewar was born and raised in Aleppo. Immigrating to Canada at age 19,  Kebbewar earned a degree in history from Concordia University before becoming a graphic designer. He is putting the final touches on his first novel The Bones of Aleppo.


from Children of War (2019)

Other world

The ocean of history
surrounding Aleppo’s citadel is
leveled. One building after another
a school, a mosque, a monastery,
a church, a madrasah, long stretch of homes
and shops shifting like sand dunes.
The grand mosque of Aleppo in shambles,
the Grand Synagogue of Aleppo still
standing—the homes of former Jewish residents
Aleppo, my darling, how long
can injustice go unpunished, unaccounted for?
You know all too well
invaders and conquerors.
The sun shines once more on Aleppo.
it stands up and shakes off the rubble.