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Jeni De La O


Jeni De La O is an Afro-Cuban poet and storyteller living in Detroit. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Obsidian, Acentos, Rigorous Magazine, Fifth Wednesday, Gigantic Sequins, Okay Donkey and elsewhere. She is a Poetry Editor for Rockvale Review and organizes Poems in the Park, a warm weather acoustic reading poetry reading series open to all experience levels in Detroit. Jeni also founded Relato:Detroit, the nation’s first bilingual community storytelling event, which seeks to bridge linguistics divides through story. Find her on twitter @jenidelao.


from Lady Parts (2019)


To be woman,
drive like heavy snow.
Start stopping early,
take turns careful, carefully.
Hands, ten or two:
whole world blind spot.
Slow, slow: too fast and
you crash, you hurt.
Follow tracks from before;
better still, stay home.