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Tiana Lavrova

Tiana Lavrova is an eighteen year old who has an interest in all things art and science: including sculpture, product design, printmaking, free verse poetry, and the mental health sciences. Besides being the author of a Grey Borders chapbook, she is also the author of a forthcoming chapbook via with Dancing Girl Press in 2018, entitled Globalist Sarcomian Principia. She lives, and is currently settled in Northern British Columbia, Canada.
from Landlocked Plutonic Constellations
Clearwater Calculations
Inuksuk landscapes as cryptic as the Western Wall —
chasms of Canadian collective consciousness
cascade as if pre-semiotic
Fear ricocheted down a dilapidated waterfall islet.
Kayaking above the subconsciously eternal landlocked
Plutonic constellations;
Geometric pulses titillate drunken semicircles.
The Clearwater fauna welded into model
food courts — its wordiness.
A moose jaw’s numerology — a coniferous pattern is everpresent
in its calculations.
Senseless cool fennel dry heaves all edibility present in the
Montessori margarine’s hippo-campus;
lunar lungs pathologically psychodynamic juices flagrant.
Alas, all the beings present in Canada
metrically quiver trisections.