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Terry Trowbridge


Terry Trowbridge’s poetry has appeared in numerous publications, including Carousel, The Great Lakes Review, The Dalhousie Review, The Dorchester Review, The Nashwaak Review, paperplates, (parenthetical), subTerrain, and Whether Magazine. He won Briarpatch Magazine’s 2015 poetry competition. His recent chapbooks include The Love for Five Oranges and two more co-authored with Jade Wallace, Smiling Drunk Pufferfish and The Cosmic Squirrel is On Your Side.


Previously published by Grey Borders Books:

Slimy Bugs (2005) originally published by Cubicle Press

That's Why They Shit So Much (2007)

Smiling Drunk Pufferfish (2011)

The Love for Five Oranges (2016)

Terry Trowbridge

The Love for Five Oranges

1st edition, 2016

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The Cosmic Squirrel is on Your Side

by Terry Trowbridge

and Jade Alyssa Wallace

1st edition, October 2016

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Poetry, Spells, Artwork

Terry Trowbridge

That's Why They Shit So Much: Self Help for Living with Passive Aggressive Cats

1st edition, 2007

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