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Maia Kachan

Maia Kachan is a poet, student and activist living in Toronto, Ontario. She studies English at Victoria College, University of Toronto. Her poetry is centered around diverse concepts of home & place, sensuality and coming of age. On Growing Old (Grey Borders Books, 2017) was her first published chapbook. She can be contacted at


about On Growing Old

These delicate poems string together memories of childhood and youth, of observations and mistakes. On Growing Old reflects like a kaleidoscope, displaying the subtle and not so subtle nuances of everyday living all while exposing the depth that memory takes to shape a person. This chapbook is an understanding and a revelation, with an essential eye on the future.


from On Growing Old


Index fingers

pressed tightly between lips,

dampened by fat tears and

bubbly spit.

I am never beautiful enough

to fit my lips into hers,

or ground my brain

in the stark reality of another.

My head will always be

tied to an altruistic universe,

where nothing ever changes