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Keith Inman

Declared the ‘people’s poet’, Keith Inman has been writing since his twenties and has become an awad-winning poet.

He won prizes from Cranberry Tree (2007), The Bannister (2004) and Freefall (2004). Other publications include: Thistledown, Event, New Quarterly, CV2, PRECIPICe and robmclennanblogspot. There’s judging, editing, ‘Reserve’ and ‘Progress’ grant badges from the Ontario Arts Council, and one from Sigillate Press, for being on of three poets in their book ‘Hanging on a Nail’ (2009. Inman is a member of Canadian Authors, Leaguge of Canadian Poets and the Ontario Poets Society.

Previously published by Grey Borders Books:

Tactile Hunters (2005) originally published under Cubicle Press

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