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Jade Alyssa Wallace


by Jade Alyssa Wallace


available April 2017

chapbook, saddle stitched


Jade Alyssa Wallace is a Niagara writer currently doing legal clinic work in Toronto, Ontario. Jade's short stories and poetry have appeared in The Dalhousie Review, The Nashwaak Review, Draft, Feathertale, Poetry Sz, Breakfast in a Day, Pac’n Heat: A Noir Homage To Ms. Pac-Man, and in six chapbooks published by Grey Borders Books. Jade is also one of two ukulele-bearing members of The Leafy Greens, which has been incorrectly described as a 'mother-daughter duo' and a 'psychedelic metal band.'

previously published books:

The War Comes Home (2012)

Lemons (2012)

But I don't write haiku (2011)

A Book for Judas (2011)

The Cosmic Squirrel is on Your Side

by Terry Trowbridge

and Jade Alyssa Wallace

1st edition, October 2016

saddle stitched

Poetry, Spells, Artwork