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David Hobberlin

Poetry is the art form that has been David Hobberlin's primary creative outlet since his youth. The poem ‘Laughter’ appeared in an anthology of Canadian poets in 1969. In 2000 the Indian Heritage Council of Morristown, Tenn. published a limited edition chapbook The Pipe Maker and other Poems. In 2012, the Scarborough Arts Council judged the poem ‘On The Waterfront Of Toronto’ as best poem. It won the inaugural Monica Ladell Award. Currently, David makes his home in Chippawa, Ontario.


from Going to Work on a Snowy Morning

the nuclear artist
his busy hand dabs with his brush
as he adds colour to
a desert canvass
a mushroom crowded sky
above a crimson valley
with varicose trees
and a turbulent yellow stream
it pulls him in
this clever paper maze
that appears to open to peace
yet it never does open
for it makes a slave
of its creator -
an object of others
he pictures others
as people percolating from a cave
after the barren bomb strikes
unaware of the tinseled rain
washing over them
these others being artists
like himself


from Reflections on the Republic

Louis Riel
Madame justice is walking her dog
with an ivory handled cane in her hand.
She has come to attend his execution.
I, too, am a guest at the creation
of a moment being forged
by a noose around this man’s neck.
Does he accept that he is tempering
a nation whose beginnings are mixed?
Riel is close to his people.
Legend cannot distort madness.
His bones shall remain frozen
with the buffalo who share
this grassland.
A heartbeat to endure
as a ghost on the prairie
of my Canada.


from Inanna (a tale of Sumer)

Paintings on a Cave Wall
In a cave fires light
Turning darkness into sight
Revealing paintings on a wall
Here am I amidst it all.
Hunters dance. Children play.
Women cook. Old men pray.
A rendering of how things were.
The awakening mind of a man is here.
Land is free. Nothing sells.
Kings unknown. Survival rules.
What artistry could I today
Add to those who scribed this way?
To share earth’s gift. No thought of war.
Might this then be a future lore?


(a tale of Sumer)

by Andrew David Hobberlin

1st edition, April 2017

saddle stitch


Reflections on the Republic

by David Hobberlin

1st edition,  July 2017

saddle stitch