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Carl David Onofrio

C.D. Onofrio is a pop songwriter and poet.  His songs and concerns range in genre and influence and touch on diverse subject matter.  He began writing songs at 17, when he learned to play guitar.  It was natural for him to retire to a room and spend an hour or two coming up with inventions and creating songs.   At one point, he read that Thomas Edison had hundreds of inventions before he had any success.  This fact stuck with C.D.,  he has written prolifically since his first song, learning and growing as an artist and musician.  He continues to learn everyday.

C.D. has released two albums with Sea of Gold and Burgundy,  Two Solo albums and one album with theAdores.

poetry by Carl David Onofrio

artwork by Wayne Corlis

Visions of a Rainbow Bridge

1st edition, 2011

saddle stitch

Poetry, Art (full colour)


Carl David Onofrio


1st edition, 2013

saddle stitch