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Alex Stolis

Alex Stolis lives in Minneapolis; he has had poems published in numerous journals. Recent chapbooks include Justice for all, published by Conversation Paperpress (UK) based on the last words of Texas Death Row inmates. Also, Without Dorothy, There is No Going Home from ELJ Publications. Other releases include an e-chapbook, From an iPod found in Canal Park; Duluth, MN, from Right Hand Pointing and The Hum of Geometry from White Knuckle Press. His full length collection Postcards from the Knife Thrower was runner up for the Moon City Poetry Award.  


from Perspectives on a Crime Scene (2018)

Victim’s friend
I’m not sure if it was colors or random lines, some geometric
force that made him bolt. It wasn’t fear but a different breed
of cowardice. My baby, he loves a talisman, a holy ghost; loves
me in a way that doesn’t exist. We were gone long ago but not
together. There’s a ragged dirt road, desolate white house, black
birds nesting in the eaves. It has a barb-wire fence past mending,
a sun that never sets. I know it’s a dream but that’s where I am
when I’m not in me.


Eyewitness #1

It was him it was him it was not him the other one. She didn’t
know couldn’t see. White skin pale ash tattoos. It was a knife
and money and someone yelled for the cops, somebody else
was taking video with their phone. It was a lie, sex & sex & sex
& sex & Christ, she was gorgeous. Radio’s on, stereo surround
sounding. There was thunder. Me, I know he did it. Plain as day
she’s innocent no way she saw it coming. The curve of her hip
met the corner of the sky, there were gunshots; she’s gone.